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Amazon A+ Content: How to increase your Sales on Amazon

Let’s talk numbers…

Boost your Amazon Sales by up to 10%

(Great visuals make all the difference in your Amazon Sales)[/caption]How does it translate to your efforts on Amazon? A+ content pages are a simple way to support your product and lead to an increase in sales on Amazon by up to 10%.If you are asking yourself, “What is Amazon A+ Content?” Read our blog post here. To put it plainly, if you don’t use A+ Content, many shoppers won’t even take notice of your product details. They’ll click away before they read it (if they even come to the page at all).

Amazon A+ Content can increase sales on Amazon

How does A+ Content do this?

Amazon A+ content allows you to use proven marketing techniques and deliver what shoppers want.

A+ Content can show the shopper that this is the product for them. Take a look at how CushCore, a seller of bike tire inserts, details one of their products here.

How to increase your sales on Amazon

If you want to grab a shopper’s attention on Amazon, then showcase your product through Amazon A+ content. A+ Content will continually improve the standing of your product and business on Amazon, and helps you tell your story on the Amazon platform. For example, since you’ll offer customers a better shopping experience, you have a better chance of getting more positive reviews. Amify has a whole library of guides on how to win on Amazon, see our collection of blog posts and guides here. If you want expert insight on how to increase your sales by 10%, direct guidance on how to win on Amazon and much more let’s chat here.