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Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Program

All About the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge

Nearly 70% of consumers prefer eco-friendly brands, according to research from the National Retail Federation and IBM. The message that sends is clear: Prioritize sustainability or risk your business becoming unsustainable. 

Amazon, long known for their customer-first strategy, has gotten ahead of this trend with their Climate Pledge Friendly Badge. By partnering with trusted third-party certifications, Amazon helps online shoppers discover and buy more environmentally friendly products. 

Businesses selling on Amazon should take note – if you qualify the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge, apply right away. As research shows, demonstrating that your company values sustainability will boost conversions. If you don’t yet qualify for the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge, know you can still get into the program by taking steps to make your packaging, products, supply chain, manufacturing or work processes more eco-friendly. 

In this article, we’ll cover all you need to know about the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge, as well as show you how to apply and how you can qualify.

What is the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge?

The Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge is a green initiative that’s a part of the e-commerce giant’s larger strategy to reduce their carbon footprint and protect the environment. Other Amazon initiatives include a commitment to power 100% of their operations with renewable energy by 2025 and a promise to be carbon net-zero by 2040. Amazon also runs the Climate Pledge Fund, which supports the development of sustainable technologies and services. 

Through the Climate Pledge Friendly program, Amazon makes finding eco-friendly products on their site easier. The Climate Pledge Friendly Badge is clearly listed below the product title and rating stars. Customers can click on the label to see exactly which certifications the product has. 

For example, First Aid Beauty, a skincare brand, has numerous products that have received the Climate Pledge Friendly Badge.

Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge


See the Climate Pledge Friendly Badge right below the star ratings?

To further enhance the shopping experience for environmentally conscious consumers, Amazon has created the Climate Pledge Friendly Storefront. At the storefront, customers can quickly and easily browse through certified products across all major categories, from health and household to beauty and groceries.

Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Storefront

Note that Amazon only gives this badge to products (and not brands). So you may still qualify for the badge on some of your products even if others may not.

UPDATE! A New Benefit to Having the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge

In early 2021, the value of having the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge increased tremendously, as Amazon began placing these products high in the search ranks.

For many products, you can rank high on the first page just for having the Badge, even if you don’t rank high organically for those search terms. This delivers your brand incredible value. Remember: Products on Amazon’s first page of search results get 80% of the clicks. 

Amazon Climate Pledge friendly ranks

In the example above, you see the Climate Pledge Friendly module for organic shampoo products. This module appears in the fourth row of the first page, which means having the Badge now can truly elevate your products and brand. 

For many products, the Amazon SERP for page one of search results is now as follows: 

  • Row 1: Product ads
  • Rows 2: Top 4 organic ranking products
  • Row 3: Video ads
  • Row 4: Climate Pledge Friendly products
  • Row 5: Editorial recommendations
  • Row 6: More organic ranking products

This is why we recommend you get your products into this program as early as possible. Not only does being certified Climate Friendly create an edge over the competition as you’ll be seen as the greener option, but it’s clear Amazon will continue to prioritize and favor eco-friendly products. 

First, environmentally conscious shoppers can more easily find green products thanks to the Climate Pledge Friendly Storefront. Now, shoppers can see your eco-friendly products in row four on the first page of search results! 

These benefits should drive more clicks and purchases for eco-friendly products. And as purchases and good reviews on Amazon increase, your products’ organic ranks will naturally improve. It can create a very positive cycle for your business on Amazon. 

Simply put, the Climate Pledge Friendly Badge could create momentum for your brand on Amazon and increase sales and profitability.

Amazon Climate Pledge certification partners

To certify that products are environmentally friendly, Amazon has partnered with reputable third-party organizations that offer sustainability certifications. To qualify, your product must have one or more of these certifications. Again, certifications are specific to products, not brands. 

Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly certification partners include: 

    1. ENERGY STAR Most Efficient
    2. Fairtrade International
    3. Carbon Free Certified
    4. Cradle to Cradle Certified
    5. EPEAT
    6. Green Seal
    7. Bluesign
    8. Reducing CO2
    9. Global Recycled Standard
    10. Rainforest Alliance
    11. ECOLOGO
    12. Forest Stewardship Council
    13. Responsible Wool Standard
    14. Organic Content Standard 100
    15. Global Organic Textile Standard
    16. Recycled Claim Standard 100
    17. Recycled Claim Standard Blended
    18. Made in Green by Oeko-Tex
    19. Amazon’s Compact by Design

No matter what you sell on Amazon, you can take steps to get into the Climate Pledge Friendly program. Some certifications are specific to industries while others require greater use of recycled materials in products and packaging. Some certifying bodies, such as Made in Green by Oeko-Tex, test for harmful substances and examine if workplaces are reducing environmental impacts. Research what you could qualify for and take steps to get that certification!

When your product gets the Climate Pledge Friendly Badge, it signifies to customers that your product helps preserve the natural world and/or protect human and worker rights, increase supply chain transparency, promote gender equality, improve farming practices and more. Once your product has one of the green certifications, Amazon will display the Climate Pledge Friendly Badge on your listing. 

You should see the benefits of having that badge over the course of time through your conversion rates, page traffic, reviews and more. Furthermore, with a Climate Pledge Friendly badge, you now have the ability to position your products as eco-friendly through your listing copy, images, and A+ Content. That should help even more with winning over environmentally conscious shoppers. 

Understand that it’s important to stay updated on this list of partners. Amazon will add more partners as the program becomes more popular with sellers and the trends toward eco-friendly products continue. Amazon has been adding their own certifications as well to help customers shop more sustainably.

Amazon’s Compact by Design certification

Compact by Design, an innovative Amazon certification, encourages brands to design products with increased efficiency and better packaging. The idea is that, by removing excess water and air, products can become lighter and smaller, making shipments more efficient. At scale, this can reduce carbon emissions significantly.

amazon compact by design

For a product to get Compact by Design certification, Amazon calculates unit efficiency, with a unit being defined as the “total amount of product in the container.” The formula is as follows: 

Unit efficiency = (weight per unit) x (cubed volume per unit) 

For a clear example, think of a concentrated cleaner that comes in a cartridge versus a non-concentrated household cleaner that comes in a large spray bottle. Obviously, the concentrated cleaner in a cartridge could meet the Compact by Design standard, while the cleaner in the bottle wouldn’t. That’s because the concentrated cleaner has greater unit efficiency. 

How to get the Amazon Climate Friendly Pledge Badge

As mentioned above, your product must have one or more certifications from a third-party organization or Amazon. The general steps you’ll take are as follows: 

    1. Research to see which certifications you could get. For example, if you sell organic coffee that meets fair trade standards, you could apply for Fairtrade Certification
    2. Take any necessary steps to meet the certification requirements. This could be an action such as changing a supplier so that your products have a higher percentage of organic content. It could even be as simple as reducing packaging waste. 
    3. Gather the necessary materials and documents. For instance, if you’re going for Green Seal Certification, you’ll need to prove your products have reduced environmental and climate impacts. You could show that through raw material data, packaging information, performance testing, manufacturing processes and more. 
    4. Submit your application and wait for inspection. The process varies with each certification. If you’re in clothing and want to get the Global Recycled Standard Certification, an independent auditor will review the application and make any necessary inspections. 

Once you have certification from a third-party partner, ensure that your product’s information on Amazon is updated. The badge should automatically appear on your listing once you have the certification and your product information is updated. If it doesn’t, contact Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Vendor Central, being sure to provide the relevant certification documents. 

Note that the application process for these certification bodies can take time and gathering the necessary information can be time-consuming and complex. Partnering with an Amazon agency can help make sure the process goes smoothly and efficiently and that you get the certification you need. At Amify, we’ve helped several clients get proper certification and obtain that precious Climate Pledge Friendly Badge.

Winning in the era of eco-friendly e-commerce

Amazon has more than 300 million customer accounts worldwide. Considering that nearly 70% of those shoppers prefer eco-friendly products, proving that your brand values sustainability can help win them over. One of the best ways to do that is by getting an Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge.

Beyond the badge, your product copy, imagery and even advertising on Amazon should highlight your brand’s commitment to sustainability. Of course, actions speak louder than words – so take concrete steps to show your product and package help preserve the planet and improve the quality of life for people.

Doing this successfully requires a comprehensive approach and solution. For brands hoping to make the most of the ever-changing Amazon landscape, having an expert partner can make all the difference. At Amify, we’re ready to help your company build a positive reputation as an eco-friendly brand on Amazon. 

Go Green and Win on Amazon