Amazon Coupons—Tips and Tricks

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Amazon Coupons—Tips and Tricks

Everyone loves a discount. From Black Friday to Amazon’s Prime Day, people will regularly go out of their way to find great deals to save a few bucks, which is why promotional material and special offers mean so much to online shoppers on Amazon. A fantastic tool any brand can utilize on their Amazon store is Amazon Coupons. They help your shopping-savvy consumers and, when used correctly, boost your store’s rankings.

What Are Amazon Coupons?

Amazon Coupons are a way for online shoppers to save money on the products they’re interested in, just like physical coupons you find in your Sunday newspaper. Amazon Coupons show up as a button under the product listing and are redeemable by a simple click on the “Clip Coupon” button.

Amazon's Most Popular Coupons | Amify

Coupons from top-selling Amazon sellers appear on Amazon’s coupons page, where people can save the discounts most relevant to them.

How Much Do Coupons Cost to Use?

Amazon charges brands $.60 for every coupon redeemed on their site. When pricing your items, you should consider Amazon’s coupon pricing when evaluating the profitability of running a coupon promotion on a given product.

Why Should I Use Them?

When you purchase Amazon Coupons, you’re essentially paying for ad space for your products because it increases the chances of consumers buying your product. Amazon Coupons create a domino effect for your brand—more redeemed coupons mean more sales, and with more sales, you’ll climb Amazon’s organic rankings, leading to even more sales.

How Can I Enable Coupons?

To start enabling coupons, you’ll have to navigate to Seller Central, click on the Advertising tab, and scroll the Advertising dropdown menu until you find the selection for “Coupons.” From there, you can either search for or add the ASINs of products that you’d like to run a coupon. There are two different types of coupon offers you can choose as a seller: ones that offer a set percentage off an item, or ones that discount a specific dollar amount from the product.

Amazon Seller Central Coupon Navigation | Amifyavigation

You can find the “Coupons” section on your Seller Central account underneath the “Advertising” tab.

Sellers can choose a discounted price for their products between 5-80% of the item’s original lowest price. Additionally, you can customize each coupon you make available by selecting the amount of the discount, your maximum spending, and the expiration date of the coupon.Once enabled, a button will appear on your product’s listing page below the item’s price listing to allow users to claim the discount. For Amazon Prime users, the button will be green. Non-Prime users will be presented with green text below the item’s price that will show them where they can redeem the coupon. Shoppers who find your coupon on the Amazon Coupons page will see your coupons as an orange ribbon.

Amazon Coupon on Product Detail Page | Amify

Here’s an example of an active Amazon Coupon on a product detail page.

How Can I Maximize My ROI with Coupons?

Since there are two different types of coupons—percentage-off and dollar amount-off—you’ll have to do some A/B testing to determine which offer a customer is more likely to pick. The dollar amount-off option is generally the most appealing to shoppers, especially for items with smaller discounts, because it shows the shopper exactly how much they’re saving rather than having them do some calculations for percentages off. However, percentage-off coupons have potential, too. Again, you’ll have to experiment with A/B testing to determine which offer presentation your customers prefer. To learn more about how to optimize your Amazon sales, check out Amify’s News & Insights page, or reach out. We’re more than ready to help with your brand’s Amazon strategy.

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