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Amazon Comes to Virginia – How Will Amify Benefit?

On November 13th, Amazon officially announced that Crystal City, Virginia and Long Island City, New York will be the new homes for Amazon’s second headquarters. Amazon HQ2 is expected to create thousands of new jobs and billions of dollars in investment in the surrounding communities. It is safe to say that lives and cities will forever be changed and Amify plans on benefiting from Amazon’s most recent business move.   


 Did you know that Crystal City is less than two miles away from Amify’s Alexandria headquarters? Once construction is completed, Amazon and Amify will essentially be next-door neighbors, sharing business-related thoughts and bonding over the success of the online retail giant.


Secondary to proximity, Amify will be more visible in the eyes of Amazon and its associates after their move to the D.C metro area. As a direct result of Amify physically being at the doorsteps of Amazon’s new residence, Amify will be able to forge relationships with the ecommerce legend. As meetings are held and Amazon becomes more familiar with Amify, Amify will be in the ideal position to grow its influence in the ecommerce industry and be recognized by ecommerce experts far and wide.   


Another point of leverage that Amify will benefit from is gaining insight into Amazon’s future moves and decisions. As next-door neighbors, the walls are thin and the flow of information is constant. Amify will be in a better position to gain insight on Amazon before news is released to the public, giving Amify the upper hand over many third party sellers.  


Like the Batman signal casted up into the sky, investors and ecommerce professionals alike will be galvanized and unable to turn down the opportunity of getting a foot in the revolving Amazon door. In due time, the DC metro area will be enriched with the finest ecommerce experts who are willing and eager to make the most out of the cards at hand. Having a new and exciting Amazon presence in Amify’s backyard sets the stage for further ecommerce investment, leaving continual growth for all parties involved as the likely outcome.   When times change, it is wise to adapt and move with the current. What is even wiser is to take advantage of that change and benefit from all the aspects that come along with it – that is what Amify plans to do, welcoming Amazon with open arms.   Be at the forefront, work with Amify today!  

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