How to Get Good Reviews on Amazon

Knowing how to get reviews on Amazon is a skill you need. Because there’s no denying that customer feedback impacts sales. According to a Business Insider report, positive reviews can increase sales by 20% on e-commerce sites. That’s $200,000 more if you currently do $1 million per year on Amazon! Studies on Amazon have also shown that products with a rating of 3.7+ achieve a 15% higher click-through rate and 33% higher return on ad spend (ROAS). Other research suggests that consumers value Amazon reviews nearly as much as recommendations from trusted friends. Without a doubt, sellers must focus on the quality of their reviews. It’s vital to their success, just like Amazon A+ Content, efficient operations, brand protection, and other aspects of selling on the platform are. For brands starting out on Amazon Seller Central (or those looking to set up their game), there are a number of ways to earn more legitimate Amazon reviews. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to get more reviews on Amazon using ethical, white-hat strategies that adhere to the site’s policies.

Why you should know how to get more reviews on Amazon

Because Amazon reviews can:

  • Build the reputation of your brand and products
  • Give your products an edge over the competition
  • Convince on-the-fence buyers to click ‘Add to Cart’

Perhaps most importantly, Amazon reviews can function like word-of-mouth recommendations. The truth is, even though we live in the digital age, we still rely on others to make decisions. According to a Nielsen study, 92% of people trust referrals from friends and family. If your reviews sound genuine, and are actually good, people will notice and have more trust in your products. A deeper look at the data proves the power of a lot of high-quality reviews. Consider these two statistics:

  • 61% of consumers check online reviews before buying a product, according to eConsultancy research. Without social proof, your chances of a sale decrease.
  • Northwestern University found that purchase probability begins rising at 2.0 stars and then peaks at around 4.0 to 4.7 stars.

So, reviews can be a huge asset to your brand — as long as they’re good. And to get good reviews, you need honest marketing, quality products, efficient logistics and exceptional customer service.

Your goals for Amazon reviews

Quantity and quality matter. When looking at reviews, Amazon shoppers first notice two things:

  1. How many reviews you have
  2. What your star rating is

When it comes to the number of reviews, the more you have the better. The internet has made savvy shoppers of all of us, and most people realize that while ten people can be way off, the odds of 300 missing the mark are practically nil.

how to get good reviews on Amazon

Hanz de Fuko Claymation has an average rating of 4.5 stars across 1,530+ reviews.

In addition, the more positive reviews you have, the more likely you are to rank in Amazon searches. Amazon’s organic rank algorithm factors both the quantity and quality of reviews. That’s because Amazon knows that products with lots of decent reviews have a better chance of converting shoppers. So, when building a strategy for getting more reviews on Amazon, focus on increasing your quantity of reviews and your star rating.

How to Get Reviews on Amazon: 7 Tips

How do you get good reviews on Amazon? While there is no secret formula for how to get reviews on Amazon, you can utilize a variety of strategies to get people talking on your product listing pages. Here’s how:

1. Provide a great experience

Okay, so this isn’t exactly magic advice for how to get good product reviews on Amazon. But long term, the best guarantee you have to earn more positive reviews on Amazon is to provide a positive brand experience. After all, 90% of consumers consider customer service when deciding whether to shop with a company. Remember: The two main drivers for negative reviews are disappointment and frustration. To minimize both, tailor everything from your product descriptions and delivery times to your customer service and follow-up communications. Finally, be honest. Give concise, accurate information about your product. This way, you set expectations and increase the likelihood that your customers are satisfied.

2. Create a great product

Nothing keeps you in business longer than a product that outdoes the competition. It will also lead to great reviews on Amazon.Take a look at Talon Grips, a leading manufacturer of gun grips. They offer their customers a patented, USA-made gun grip that comes highly rated by the pros. The excellence of their product has led to thousands of reviews and an overall star rating of roughly 4.5 stars.

learn how to get more reviews on Amazon

Without a good product, you can know all the tricks about how to get product reviews on Amazon but still come up short. You need a quality product. Focus on research and development and listen to customer feedback to improve your offerings.

3. Send a follow-up email asking for feedback

After a purchase, Amazon sends shoppers an email asking for feedback. However, it’s quite generic. Most shoppers probably send this email to the trash bin. Instead of sending Amazon’s generic email, you can use a handy automated tool that allows you to send a personalized email. This streamlines the process of requesting reviews while allowing you to engage with your customers more effectively. With FeedbackFive, an Amazon feedback tool that’s said to increase reviews by 41%, you can personalize templates to make the review request email more engaging. These templates adhere to Amazon guidelines, ensuring you don’t make a mistake and jeopardize your account. Note: It’s best to send these soon after customers receive your product, when they’re most likely to be willing and motivated to post a review. It also creates a point of contact where you can potentially address any customer concerns before they post a review. At Amify, we help all our clients set up automatic requests for reviews every day. Take a look at the email below to get an idea of how you can structure and word yours.

request a review on Amazon

If a buyer has a good experience with your product, they’ll likely want to let others know by leaving a positive review. Just be sure to make leaving a review easy. See how the email above makes it as simple as clicking a star.

Note: According to the Amazon seller review policy, your request for feedback must remain neutral. Amazon seller review guidelines also stipulate that you can’t request a shopper to change or remove a review.

4. Leave a note in the product packaging

A friendly request is sometimes enough to motivate people to post a review who otherwise wouldn’t, so consider including a request for a review in your product packaging. Not only will it help drive reviews, but it also indicates that you respect your customers’ opinions — and that you’re confident in your products. Just keep the Amazon seller review policy in mind. You can only request an honest review. If you encourage only positive reviews or offer incentives, you risk withdrawal of your seller account, permanent delisting, legal action and other issues.

5. Leverage your brand’s social media followers

Don’t forget to cast your net beyond Amazon. Your brand’s social media followers are a built-in fan club filled with potential reviewers. Chances are, a good portion of them have bought from you on Amazon. When you post about one of your products on Instagram, Twitter and elsewhere, put in a link to the Amazon product listing and ask followers to leave an honest review. Again, follow the Amazon seller review policy here. For example, Truman’s, a cleaning company, could ask their 12K+ Instagram followers to leave an honest review on Amazon and would likely receive feedback within a few hours.

leverage social media to get more reviews on Amazon

6. Ask for a review in your newsletter

As you can see, learning how to get good reviews on Amazon is largely about correct messaging and utilizing your resources. As an e-commerce business, you probably already have an email list for keeping your community updated on products and company news. In your next newsletter, try asking your subscribers to leave a review on a product. This must be done in a neutral tone (even though you’re making the request outside the Amazon platform).Note: Since products with more reviews are more likely to get a purchase, asking for reviews on social media and email newsletters should be part of new product launches. It’s a great way to generate momentum for a new product.

7. Use the Amazon Vine program

Have a new product launching soon? Then consider the Amazon Vine Program. It’s an Amazon-run program that invites the most trusted reviewers to sample new products and provide honest, unbiased feedback for only the cost of supplying free product. Vine Voices can give positive, negative or neutral feedback. All they have to do is comply with Amazon’s review guidelines. If you’re launching a new product, Vine is worth considering. It’s also a great way to get user feedback and make improvements. If, for instance, you discover product sizing issues are a consistent point of feedback, consider adding content that helps people gauge the right size to reduce further complaints and returns.

Amazon Seller Review Policy

Before going further on how to get more reviews on Amazon, we should review the Amazon seller review policy. After all, you don’t want to accidentally violate the site’s review policies. That could lead to you losing your seller privileges. Here’s a quick overview of Amazon seller review guidelines:

  • Sellers can’t post a review about their own product.
  • Sellers can’t offer a shopper an incentive, such as a gift card, to post a review.
  • Sellers can’t use a third-party service that offers a discount or free product for a review.
  • Family members and employees can’t leave reviews.
  • Sellers can’t ask shoppers to change or delete a review.
  • Sellers can’t use methods to divert negative reviews elsewhere, such as through email.
  • Sellers can’t put a note in the product packaging asking for a positive review.

The Amazon seller review policy is strict. Violation of the Amazon seller review guidelines can have the following consequences:

  • Permanent withdrawal of your selling privileges
  • Withholding of account funds
  • Removal of product reviews
  • Freezing of all future ratings and reviews
  • Permanent delisting of your product from the site
  • Legal action against you, such as a lawsuit

Building a strategy for Amazon reviews

Now that you know how to get lots of good reviews on Amazon, you have to create a strategy. Considering all the methods you can employ, building a strategy that’s efficient and effective can be difficult. Without the right approach, you can miss out on getting reviews. Or worse, you could accidentally violate the Amazon seller review policy and get your account shut down. On top of that, you have to master the art of dealing with bad reviews. This is tricky, and can make or break how other shoppers view your brand. This is where Amazon customer service professionals can help. Thankfully, you can partner with an Amazon agency that has expertise in getting shoppers to leave reviews. At Amify, we provide a full-service solution for Amazon sellers that includes customer service. Through thoughtful, responsive buyer-seller messaging and a variety of strategies, we help brands maximize the number of good reviews they get on Amazon. By partnering with Amazon experts like Amify, you ensure Amazon reviews benefit your business and you can focus more on producing high-quality products for your customers.

Reach for the Stars

The reviews you already have can shed light on how to improve your star rating. By paying close attention to what consumers are praising or complaining about, you can improve how you present your products on Amazon. And that can lead to better reviews. As you begin working on getting more Amazon reviews, understand the process is time-consuming and complex. There are also many more ways to earn Amazon reviews. And not every brand has the time and resources to take full advantage of them. If you’d like to learn how we can help, give us a shout.

Get More Good Reviews on Amazon

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