A Seller’s Guide to Outsourcing Amazon Services

How brands can save time and resources when selling on Amazon 

Managing your brand’s Amazon presence, optimizing your product listings and continuously tweaking your sales strategies to grow your business requires a hefty investment of resources. Even the most committed business owners may struggle to attain the vast knowledge and skills necessary to maintain a high-performing Amazon brand. 

When businesses find that a lack of time and resources prevents them from reaching their full potential on Amazon, it may be worth exploring the value of outsourcing Amazon services. Turning to a partner with considerable experience elevating brands on Amazon and a proven track record of success can be a wise decision. That’s because it’s one that often results in more efficiency, a better return on investment and incredible growth. 

If you’re facing the choice between navigating the intricacies of Amazon alone or finding a full-service company to lead your business’s Amazon strategy and execution, be sure you know exactly what you have to gain by outsourcing Amazon services.  

Experience Saves Time

The demands of selling successfully on Amazon are easily a full-time responsibility – and typically much more. Whether it’s launching new product listings, optimizing them for your customers and the algorithm, or setting up and maintaining your storefront, there’s a nearly endless list of to-dos. 

And as the saying goes, “time is money.” So rather than spend your time trying to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, tools and features from Amazon, wouldn’t you prefer to have a team of experts who are passionate about doing precisely that? And more importantly, relying on experienced professionals gives you insight into what areas you should focus on and which tactics will have the most significant impact on your business goals.

Launch your listings sooner

Your Amazon sales start with your product listings. Creating, organizing, and tracking is only part of the process but can be among the most time-consuming. It’s particularly true when your product catalog is constantly expanding. Onboarding and then training in-house specialists is one option but not necessarily the best approach. 

If you want to deploy your products quickly on Amazon, a better strategy is to outsource the work to a partner with a staff that already understands all of the elements that underpin a successful Amazon product listing. Doing so can also help you avoid the negative ramifications of a trial-and-error learning curve or the possibility that your sales will suffer due to employee turnover. 

Optimize Amazon listings more efficiently

Once your products are listed, you still need a comprehensive optimization plan. It’s really the only way to compete for the Buy Box and achieve the conversion rates that will allow you to excel. 

All of your listings need accurate details, high-quality images and, in many cases, helpful videos. They should also be monitored for threats from fraud or competition. Creating an Amazon Storefront and crafting A+ Content that includes engaging copywriting and answers to FAQs is not a simple task. But it can substantially improve a listing’s ability to attract shoppers and close sales. 

A failure when it comes to your product listing optimization can be challenging to spot and nearly impossible to overcome. However, outsourcing Amazon services means your listings will have the perfect title, a description your customers will appreciate and the keywords to make sure they can find them. 

Focus on the rest of your business

It’s unlikely your expertise can match that of a full-service Amazon partner, or you would want to spend your time trying to prove it does. Turning the responsibility of routine Amazon tasks over to a reliable outsourcing partner can allow you to shift your attention to other parts of your business. 

With both the mundane and highly-specialized aspects of selling on Amazon in the capable hands of an experienced partner, you can spend more time on product development, strengthening your internal team and building your brand. And then, you can let your outsourcing agency help you capitalize on those improvements more quickly within Amazon. 

A Bigger Team for Less Money

One of the primary advantages of outsourcing Amazon services is that it allows you to enjoy a more robust team at a lower cost. While you could opt to hire an internal team to achieve similar capacity, it would be expensive. And in most cases, you would need to prioritize specific skills over others, resulting in expertise gaps that an agency would have provided. 

For a cost that is similar to just one or two full-time employees, you can outsource a variety of services and enjoy better results. An experienced, external team already has the expertise you seek and will be poised to make the proper adjustments quickly instead of risking missed opportunities while you hire and train new employees. 

Capitalize on specialists

Versatile employees are extremely valuable, but some tasks are better suited to specialists. Copywriting, SEO, graphic design and branding are just some of the skills that your Amazon success may depend on. While many people can comply with the site’s standards and recommendations in these areas, they will be unable to do more than the minimum.  

By outsourcing these skills to a full-service partner, you’ll enjoy award-winning product creative that drives conversions. Your listings can be optimized for SEO and keywords. Your customers will be drawn in with eye-catching imagery and A+ content that grabs their attention. And your brand will benefit from a highly shoppable store backed by data.

Advertise more efficiently

The value of outsourcing isn’t limited to improving your performance in Amazon’s organic search results. An integrated and interconnected approach from a results-oriented partner can also lead to creative and more cost-effective ways to drive traffic to your products. 

Outsourcing Amazon services can help you establish a data-driven advertising strategy that gets products in front of your ideal audience. You can rely on someone with more experience to plan and execute efficient media tactics, including sponsored products, brands, display and video. The result is that your advertising dollars go farther thanks to the best possible ROI.  

Streamline inventory management

The logistics of selling on Amazon is a high-stakes endeavor. Inventory, shipping times and packing quality can make or break your company. Choosing the wrong company for your inventory management needs or attempting to do it yourself is rarely worth the risk for companies with a high volume of sales. By outsourcing your inventory management, you can cut costs, minimize returns and rid your business of a major liability. 

Look for a company that can get your products into Amazon efficiently and utilizes an FBA-optimized warehouse near Amazon hubs. They’ll be able to pick, pack & ship your products, making sure they’re always correctly prepared and labeled. You’ll also want a partner that can keep the correct number of your items in stock at the right time. Discuss supply strategy, demand planning, inventory and shipment tracking, storage monitoring and returns management with any potential outsourcing agency.

Partnership is a Proven Sales Strategy

The bottom line is that outsourcing your Amazon services is only viable when accompanied by increased sales. While every business is unique, the advantages that come from an outsourcing partnership are impressive. In most cases, this is thanks to the increased number of people laser-focused on your success. 

With a qualified team, you’ll have the knowledge and capacity to perform strategic A/B testing for listings and PPC ads. An influx of in-depth data can be obtained and analyzed to provide a direction for your creative content, ad spending and inventory management. And you can rest easy knowing your customer service and returns are handled with industry-leading professionalism. 

Still unsure if outsourcing is the right option? Consider pursuing an agreement with an Amazon service agency that makes increased sales an incentive that benefits both parties. 

Build a stronger brand

To thrive on Amazon, not only do you need to be concerned with creating the best possible product listings, but you also need to create a brand that customers love. Doing so begins with the vital but sometimes overlooked Amazon Brand Registry. Eligibility is limited to sellers with an active trademark registration or pending application, but once established, registered brands have access to additional tools to protect against fraudulent activity and unauthorized resellers. 

The Brand Registry is also the first step toward showcasing your brand and products in an Amazon Storefront. Partnering with an expert in Amazon services can mean launching your store more quickly and making the most of all it has to offer, including enhanced product detail pages and insight into your buyers’ behaviors. 

Identify weaknesses sooner 

Mistakes that lead to listing suppression, descriptions that give customers the wrong expectations and products that aren’t optimized for your most valuable prospects will all be detrimental to your conversion rate. And they are all realistic possibilities for an overwhelmed Amazon seller. But if weaknesses are an opportunity to grow, the more people you have trying to identify deficiencies, the more opportunities you’ll find. 

Instead of waiting for problems to appear in your sales statistics, a capable Amazon service provider can resolve them quickly and create an improvement plan. Leveraging data you might not have realized was even available, experienced Amazon partners can unlock opportunities and provide actionable insights to optimize and grow sales.

Increase Conversions

Success on Amazon is ultimately measured by how much you sell. But converting shoppers to buyers is often a matter of details. How well written is your content? Are your listings optimized? Do your product pictures tell the whole story? Will your reviews give a potential customer pause? All of these questions deserve a substantial amount of attention if you want to improve your conversion rate. Unfortunately, meeting those demands is time-consuming, and addressing problems often means you’ll have to neglect another area of your business.

However, dividing those concerns among a team of people with the ability to respond effectively and efficiently is what outsourcing is all about. It assigns the responsibility of removing specific obstacles to the person most qualified to do so, giving your Amazon business the best opportunity for growth. With expert, experienced professionals analyzing your Amazon brand daily, an increase in conversions and the efficiency with which they are achieved is inevitable

Take the smart step to grow your Amazon business

At Amify, our goal is to become a long-term partner and seamless extension of your business. For more than a decade, we have helped premium brands achieve their Amazon goals. When you team up with us, you can expect to have world-class, up-to-the-minute platform knowledge on your side. From the latest advertising strategies to dynamic inventory, warehousing and logistics services, you’ll have industry-leading expertise working to unlock your product’s full potential.

Don’t trust your Amazon outsourcing needs to anyone without a proven track record. Be sure you’re getting a comprehensive, results-oriented approach to growing your Amazon business. Contact us today to learn more

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